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Saving Teens - http://savingteens.org

Since many of the program charge such exhorbitant fees, they often have a fund-raising arm that helps parents pay for the services they offer.

Saving Teens - http://savingteens.org

Postby FICAN » Mon May 19, 2008 1:58 pm

Saving Teens - http://savingteens.org this is the most recent fundraising entity to come to my attention. It appears that they strongly favor working for Aspen Education Group.

From Struggling Teens, May 18 2008 - SAVING TEENS® In Crisis Collaborative (STICC)
Boston MA

SAVING TEENS® In Crisis Collaborative
Thanks Aspen Education Group

John D. Reuben
President and Founder

May 15, 2008

SAVING TEENS® In Crisis Collaborative (STICC) would like to extend special thanks to Aspen Education Group for reaching out to their alumni, parents, and professional service providers and contacts to support the SAVING TEENS® methodology and mission to bring troubled teens and their families through a comprehensive, multi-phase, individualized recovery and education plan.

Aspen Education Group has provided unflagging support of STICC as the route for grateful parents, alumni, and concerned individuals or organizations to give back, to save other children. In addition to getting the word out to their programs and families, Aspen Education Group has placed a "SAVING TEENS® ~ Donate Now" button on their Alumni Website, and has recently made a very generous donation to STICC in the names of 80 individuals as thanks for their participation in a recent Aspen survey to improve services.

We thank everyone at Aspen Education Group for the support, enthusiasm and collaborative spirit which enables SAVING TEENS® In Crisis Collaborative to fund and support families through the comprehensive therapeutic programs that they desperately need, but did not know about and could not afford.

SAVING TEENS® In Crisis Collaborative (STICC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that assists troubled teens and their families struggling with substance abuse and other emotional issues.

STICC is currently in the process of raising funds for our next family. We are grateful for your financial support through the donations page on our website www.savingteens.org.

It looks like Lon Woodbury among others is on their advisory board...

Apparently John Reuben created this non-profit in June of 2004. At that time the two other directors were Sharon Levy of Children's Hospital Boston, and Dr. Marilyn Engleman.

Today, according the Saving Teens web site:

Board of Directors:

John Reuben, Founder & President

* Parent of 2 troubled teens who have been in therapeutic programs
* Executive in Software Sales and Marketing for over 25 years, including the founding of a significant software enterprise

Alexander Steffan, JD, MBA; Secretary & Treasurer

* Attorney in private practice

Marilyn Engelman, PhD

* Certified Educational Planner, Founder of Educational Directions
* Specializes in comprehensive educational assessments, college and secondary placement, and therapeutic placement

Corey Hicks, AA

* Chief Executive Officer of Longevity Music, LLC
* Pastor and Founder of Philips International Outreach
* Former addict and alcoholic who has been clean and sober for over 14 years

Theresa Wing Hines

* Parent of a troubled teen who is currently in a therapeutic program
* President and Owner of One Pearl, a jewelry and textile design and import company

Marie Sigman, MS

* Educational Psychologist specializing in advocacy for students with learning challenges and in transition management of young adults from high school, including college placement
* Guidance Counselor and Teacher in Sudbury Massachusetts School System for more than 30 years

Advisory Board:

Tamara A. Ancona, MA, LPC, Member IECA

* Specializes in educational options and therapeutic alternatives for struggling teens and young adults
* Founder of TAG, a Transition Aftercare Program which helps students returning from a treatment setting reintegrate with their families and communities
* Member of the American Counseling Association (ACA), Learning Disabilities Association of Georgia (LDAG) and the Licensed Professional Counselors Association - Georgia Chapter (LPCA)

Leslie S. Goldberg, MEd, CEP, Member IECA

* Founder and President of Leslie S. Goldberg & Associates, LLC – Educational Consultants
The Goldberg Center for Educational Planning
* Provider of therapeutic and educational placement advice for over twenty years
* Certified Guidance Counselor; periodic expert witness

Adam R. Goldberg, MEd, Member IECA

* Chief Executive Officer of Leslie S. Goldberg & Associates, LLC – Educational Consultants
The Goldberg Center for Educational Planning
* Specialist in intervention planning for teens at risk
* Board Member of Learning Disabilities Worldwide

Sharon Levy, MD, MPH

* Director of Pediatrics for the Adolescent Substance Abuse Program at Children's Hospital in Boston
* Associate Researcher, Center for Adolescent Substance Abuse Research

Grant Liebersberger, MEd, MBA

* Financial Advisor who specializes in helping families finance therapeutic schools and programs
* Former Clinician and Director of an Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Program

Scott P. Sells, PhD

* Founder of the Savannah Family Institute (SFI) - www.difficult.net
* Author of two books: Parenting Your Out-Of-Control Teenager and Treating
The Tough Adolescent

Lon Woodbury, MA, CEP, Member IECA

* Publisher of the Parent Empowerment Handbook, The Woodbury Report, and www.strugglingteens.com
* Prior to becoming an educational consultant, taught in the public school system, and worked with the U.S. Senate and the Executive Office of the President on public policy


Patricia R. Abreu, Executive Director
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