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Ransom for a girl detained at Heartland

Ransom for a girl detained at Heartland

Postby Rotsne » Mon Sep 22, 2008 8:42 am

From a Myspace page:

Allow me to tell you a story... one which we hope will have a happy ending. Kayla Eskew (known to her friends as Miyu because she loves kittens) is living at Heartland Christian Academy. At first glance, this place looks like any other Christian boarding school but after closer examination, horrific things were discovered which lead us to ask you for help. Some of those things include corporal punishment, practically starving the girls as a form of punishment, making them work for less than minimum wage and without the goal of a high school diploma in sight since they are not an accredited school with qualified teachers! There are also many more stories we would gladly share if asked.

The bottom line is Miyu is stuck there. Her father had her best interests in mind and signed over custody to Heartland. After discovering the true nature of the place, he has regretted his decision but unfortunately the contract he signed states he will pay dearly ($14,400) to remove her before “graduation”. Already, more than half of the money has been raised toward this goal, some of it by Miyu herself, who desperately wants to come home. All that’s needed now is $6900 by August 1st to bring her home. Dig deep please. Think of this kid’s future and her psyche. Think of the strength she has had to maintain during the time she has been there. Think of this good Christian girl who wouldn’t hurt a fly and that asks even if you can’t donate, that you please pray for her. Pray for strength for her, pray for her to come home.
To help her, we have set up a paypal and a myspace account.

Questions? Send us an email <email>

Graduation is not about learning. It is about money only at Heartlands.

Heartland on Fornits Wiki
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Re: Ransom for a girl detained at Heartland

Postby Widisonma » Mon Oct 17, 2016 8:48 am

And what's so interesting about that really wanted to know.
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