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Catherine Freer can change how you vote

Catherine Freer can change how you vote

Postby wiki researcher » Sun Jul 13, 2008 8:00 pm

I co-orpation with the German TV-station RTL, they were ordered to change how a boy should vote. His parents were not satisfied with his - rather extreme political view - and sent him to the wilderness program together with other German youths as part of a German version of the TV-show Brat Camp (link) called "Teenager ausser kontrolle".

They did succeed. He returned home to Germany, which prooves that parents who wants to change a future vote from republican to democrats or the other way around can hire Catherine Freer to fix that.

Here is the Fornits Wiki article about this particular wilderness program (link).
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Postby FICAN » Mon Jul 14, 2008 12:45 pm

They just never cease to AMAZE THE HELL out of me :evil:
~Parents, please make an informed decision!~
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Germans are strict, but Europea countries are almost there

Postby Rotsne » Mon Jul 14, 2008 7:48 pm

Of course he had a rather disgusting political view but sending him to another country to fix it sounds almost like the communists in Russia, which sent a lot of people to Siberia.

The second season of the German Brat Camp is not the first example of a treatment, which were started on thin grounds if you consider etnics to value something. The first season saw Gina, who had committed the crime of belonging to a sub-culture (Punk). In the end she ended hanging around her elderly parents as a kind of semi-nurse.

While we researched Germany, we also found the Masia Del Gener program (link) in Spain where teenagers were held in cages meant for Boars. We discovered that it was a re-education program for problem teenagers from boarding schools in Schwitzerland, but the operation was controlled from Germany.

Then they have the teenagers from Hessen in Germany who are exiled to Siberia. Most would think that the Germans, who have left a lot of dead soldiers in Russia during WWII would abstain from sending people to Siberia. But it seems that some policians are ready to loose a few of the youngsters they regard as incurably. See the article (link).

I know that Europe are watching the states for solutions. A lot of the new and abusive treatment are coming from overhere. Rumors tell that Judge Rotenberg have followers in both Norway and Australia.

The police in Spain was angry because the Danes marooned a kid on one of their islands so he had to be rescued by the police with cost for the Spanish tax-payers. See Ocean Life (link).

Denmark are also housing the facility Solhaven (link) where violent restraints are a part of the intake. Male staff stripping a girl of all her clothes and getting away with it! A few days ago a federal court ruled that it was not OK here in the states. Perhaps Denmark should create a court system and introduce some human rights.

It is a crazy world.
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Re: Catherine Freer can change how you vote

Postby wiki researcher » Wed Apr 08, 2015 7:37 pm

We have an update about Solhaven mentioned in this thread:

Solhaven wants to reopen
Domestic prisoners of Conscience, April 8 - 2015

It is with huge concern that the Danish group home Solhaven, which ran a WWASP like program for 20 years will reopen. They were forced to close due to a police investigation into possible abuse in the program. They were acquitted in a trial because based on the difference in the social status between the reputable citizens and the foster children who came from poor families. Social heritage matters – especially in Denmark.

At another group home a 15 year old girl was isolated in a cottage with a counselor. They had *** and the counselor received 60 days in jail. The evidence was a confession the girl had taped and sperm the girl had sampled from herself. The 60 days illustrate how the authorities look upon children from underprivileged children in foster care.

At Solhaven the employees used force to control the teenagers. They accept that and the question in the trial was whether this use of force was illegal. The court found that it was an acceptable use of force. They also forced the teenagers to remain sitting on a wooden chair for many hours.

In relationship with the closure the local community lost 250 jobs. Basically there are not that many jobs to get in that area so the authorities who were given the task to supervise the facility had to balance the security and welfare of the children against the number of possible jobs in the local community.

Why did the case then get to the court when they so to say were protected by the local authorities? A number of policemen were issues a lot of gifts but fortunately for the children not every police officer were on the gift-list and it created jealousy at the police station. Some years ago the entire Danish police were undergoing a restructure which placed new officers in charge of the area. Officers not on the gift-list and not prepared to receive things in exchange for looking at another direction when problems with Solhaven occurred.

It started the case. It closed Solhaven. 250 people lost their jobs. Of course now where they were acquitted their lawyers have been harassing witnesses using the Diamond Ranch Academy method. They want to open again. The question is: Can they be monitored thorough so no foster children are put in harms way?

We don’t believe so. We will continue to watch them and alarm the authorities in Copenhagen so the local authorities in the community cannot protect the management.
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Re: Catherine Freer can change how you vote

Postby Karosev001 » Mon Oct 31, 2016 9:51 am

Incoming information is very useful.
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