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Tierra Blanca Ranch abuse investigation

This is a "catch-all" forum. Includes anything that doesn't fit neatly into any of the other categories and includes both the private teen industry as well as the publicly (Gov.) sponsored juvenile justice systems.

Tierra Blanca Ranch abuse investigation

Postby wiki researcher » Mon Oct 07, 2013 2:08 pm

A boys ranch is investigated because a boy might have been beaten and they maybe shackled some of the boys at the program

Claims of shackles, beatings at ranch for troubled boys (Albuquerque Journal)

For more information about this place: Tierra Blanca Ranch (Fornits Wiki)
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Re: Tierra Blanca Ranch abuse investigation

Postby TheHunter » Mon Oct 07, 2013 2:16 pm

Various parent reviews of the program:

[quote="Barbara H. - Astoria, NY"]
I too sent my son to TBR with the hopes that he would get the help he needed so that he would make wiser choices in life. Well that did not happen after going thru the heart ache of having to make this choice for my child and paying quite a bit of money to send him there as well. Bottom line they have no clue how to deal with drug and alcohol issues. At least that is my take on it and I have been sober for well over 22yrs. and still going to meetings and still open minded and teachable and willing to grow and learn. The relationship now with my son is more strained than ever he is so angry at me for sending him there for a year because of what went on there and that he didn't get the help he needed. Funny thing is he knew he needed the help was willing to get it now he is just angry and upset all the time. I really thought I was getting him the help he needed only to find out a year later since he has been home it was not.

As the other parent wrote the access to your child is limited many times I was left to feel as though I was the one being punished and that I was a bad parent. Unlike the other parent I am a Christian and wanted a Christian based program for my child however it does not seem like my son grasped that concept there either. My son has been home over a year now only to harbor great anger and from what I can surmise at these point Post Traumatic issues. Over and over again it was suggested that I not take him out and that I should listen only to their guidance. Well I am not a foolish person and I do remain open minded and teachable however many times their tactics were to make me feel incompetent as a parent so I would just do as they say. I am not that insecure and feel I have to have someone hold my hand to the point of not being able to think things thru as well as make wise choices for my children. I truly believe they prey on the parents that are like that. Even as a parent who tends to lean towards being a conservative in nature and a who has been in recovery with long term sobriety I now see that this place does NOT address addictions and DOES NOT address the troubled kids issues. They just put them to work on the ranch. That is their form of therapy. There was absolutely no counseling there for the kids. Your child ends up just doing a geographical move of their issues not addressing them. Anyone who has half a brain knows that does not work as the issues will come up again. The other main issue is the schooling I was told over and over again how great he was doing and how great their education system was only for my son to come home and not be able to transfer any of his credits and to be repeating the whole grade again. The credits he got there did not transfer one bit. As far as Scott Chandler he was very good at communicating while getting him in after that I was always given to the leader of the house and always felt like I was being talked down to. Prior to making a major decision such as sending your child away do extensive research do not wait like I did till it got so out of hand I took the 1st place that someone suggested. If you would like to speak to me more about his place you can contact me at (email-removed due to spam protection See the original post).

[quote="Steve C., Lakeside, CA"]
My son was at the Tierra Blanca Ranch (TBR) from 9/11- 7/12. Space is limited, so I will get right to the point. I can be reached at [email protected] to discuss.

TBR is authoritarian in nature in my opinion. What Scott Chandler says, goes. It does not appear to be licensed or insured, and operates way off the beaten path, figuratively and literally in its remote New Mexico mountain location. I don't believe that there is any external, or even internal, accountability system in place--something that every well run organization insists upon--from Billy Graham to your local hospital and school boards to your church and its internal group of elders and external hierarchy. As discussed below, parental contact is highly controlled so actual parental oversight is basically nonexistent. History tells us two things about the TBR "rogue" types of organizational structures: they always redirect you to selected "results" when you ask "what is going on behind the curtain." And, second, since the structure is inherently unstable, they tend to fail in great numbers and when they do fail they tend to do so in horrific fashion. Do you want your child to be there if (when?) it does?

You don't have the right to see, e-mail or speak with your child. TBR decides when and on what terms. If you're divorced, you can't get your child out without both parents agreeing.

My son spent, from what I can gather, a substantial amount of his time working at least all day, for free, in rural New Mexico in the cattle business which makes up the other part of the TBR enterprise. At night when working, I'm told, he and the other boys are locked in two-man tents. They are not allowed to leave even to go to the bathroom. They are given a jar to **** in.

They practice collective punishment. One child breaks a rule, all are punished. Punishment, I'm told, can include: food rations reduced to rice and beans, sleep deprivation, middle of the night to dawn forced physical activities, additional work, revocation of all opportunity to communicate with family, getting sent to "camp". For serious infractions, a child is "firewalled". "Firewalling" is the process whereby they take a teenager, who is already scared, in the middle of nowhere, miles away from home, homesick, and lonely and prohibit anyone from talking with them, except TBR staff. How strict is the discipline? My son, in a moment where our visit was not being monitored by a staff-member, told me he's so intimidated that "if there was a pile of dog crap over there and they told me to eat it, I would."

It appears as though one of their main goals is converting your child to Christianity. If one parent is a Christian and the other is not, the non-believer can expect very limited contact with their child. That's what happened in my case. My sons and I, "unbelievers"- limited contact. My ex-wife, a "Christian" much freer access.

When I realized how TBR operated in January of 2012, I wanted to do two things: get my son out, and, second, go on-line to provide my input to others considering TBR. I couldn't get my son out because my ex-wife would not agree. I didn't go on-line for two reasons. First, Scott Chandler, as I surmised correctly, can be extremely vindictive if you challenge him. I asked questions, he curtly revoked my visitation rights. Second, I was concerned that my son's living conditions would worsen. Within days of my son's release, I went on-line.

At TBR, they don't believe in psychologists, and none are on staff. Before sending your child, I would strongly recommend that you consult with psychological professionals to determine if TBR presents acceptable treatment techniques.

The kids can listen to country music but not rock and roll. They won't deliver a letter from my oldest son because in it he says "let's go get a beer when you turn 18." But they'll allow my son to listen to the Ronnie Dunn song "Let the Cowboy Rock" which glorifies alcohol abuse.

Can TBR's "methods" cause a child to get off drugs? Maybe. But these techniques, in my opinion, can also just as likely cause a child to commit suicide or suffer later from post-traumatic stress disorder. Or, should (and I have no knowledge that any pedophile has ever worked at TBR) a pedophile slip through what appears to be an extremely loose hiring filter employed at TBR, do whatever that pedophile wants your child to do--in exchange for more food, someone to talk to, a bed to sleep in or contact with family.

Source: Tierra Blanca Ranch reviews (Yelp)
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New Mexico’s Governor supports investigation

Postby wiki researcher » Wed Oct 16, 2013 6:36 am

KASA news wrote:Gov. Martinez: evidence at Tierra Blanca Ranch backs up abuse allegations (KASA)
By Chris McKee, October 14 - 2013

HILLSBORO, N.M. (KRQE) - New Mexico’s Governor Susana Martinez addressed the ongoing investigation at the Tierra Blanca Youth Ranch Monday, revealing new details about what investigators uncovered at the ranch property and firing back at allegations from the ranch owner's attorney that the teens at the property were never in danger.
Defending the state’s use of the Amber Alert, Governor Martinez gave an emotional response to the media on Monday, underscoring the state's response in the search for the nine teens that went missing from the ranch in southwest New Mexico on Friday.

"Absolutely I stand behind this alert, I will never apologize,” said Governor Martinez. “We felt they were in imminent danger because of what was discovered within those buildings in Tierra Blanca.”

In her address, Governor Martinez said that evidence was collected Friday in relation to recent allegations
that kids may have been abused at the ranch over the past few years.

“The search warrant revealed evidence that I cannot tell you precisely what it was but did corroborate some of the allegations of some of those boys,” said Governor Martinez.

When that search happened, New Mexico State Police say none of the teens were on the property, something the Governor says was troubling.

“They (the ranch) had had contact with Children Youth and Families Department the day before and all of the sudden all of the boys are being returned home,” said Governor Martinez.

The attorney for ranch owner Scott Chandler, Pete Domenici Jr. insisted over the weekend that the boys were on a wilderness trip.

“They've been on many, many of these similar kinds of trips that have been safe productive, they've allowed continuity, so there's nothing unusual about this,” said Domenici Jr.

However, Martinez says the ranch owner Chandler drove the boys home across multiple states.

“When they're being delivered home, they're not on a pre-planned wilderness program,” said Martinez. “For him to have stayed put and let police and social workers do their job would have been much better than to go around amongst three states dropping off children.”

As the investigation continues, New Mexico State Police still haven't talked to Chandler.

“We're still looking for him, my understanding is that no one has spoken to him as yet, he's still a person of interest and they're still a lookout for him,” said Governor Martinez.

News 13 spoke to Chandler's attorney Pete Domenici Jr. today over the phone. He would not say anything about Chandler’s whereabouts or whether or not he’s even in New Mexico. He says Chandler will give a statement to authorities though.

New Mexico State Police say all of the teens involved in the Amber Alert are OK but according to the Governor, the teens will have to undergo in-depth interviews with specially trained child safety workers.
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Re: Tierra Blanca Ranch abuse investigation

Postby Snopgiluvx » Fri Dec 25, 2015 7:00 am

I like to talk, to exchange experiences in this forum. It is very good to very good..
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Re: Tierra Blanca Ranch abuse investigation

Postby Love2love » Wed Apr 26, 2017 10:48 am

Danke für die Info
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